iPhone Development: Everything You Need To Know

Posted by Developer Junior on 9:21 AM
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There's no doubt that the iPhone is one of the most talked about platforms in game development today. While there is a lot of great information available for developers looking to get into iPhone development, there is also lots of misconceptions and misinformation that can be difficult to filter out for anyone not actively engaged in the process of developing for the platform.

This article, originally presented as a lecture at the recent IGDA Leadership Forum, will cover the overall process of developing an iPhone game from start to App Store and beyond. The goal is to separate facts from myths and give developers an accurate idea of what to expect.

Overall, iPhone projects follow a fairly similar process to that of most console games: start with an idea, go into development, perform some final testing, then submit to cert, launch, and then follow up with ongoing marketing. Developers who approach their titles anticipating each of these steps will be the ones that have the most success and least frustration with the process.

There are a couple points in this process that are fairly unique to iPhone development. If this is your first iPhone game, then there is a crucial business and legal step to go through before completing development. The submission process is also a little bit unique, and finally marketing is perhaps the single most important aspect of having a successful launch.


The first thing you should do when looking to hire a freelance iPhone developer is to outline what type of development you need done for the iPhone. I would recommend writing this down and organizing it in an easy to read manner. This will help communicate with your developer and make things run smoother.

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